Former Mets Legend Gives an Inspirational talk at New Ventures

Met legend posing for a photo


Last week, celebrated Mets and Yankees legend, Darryl Strawberry, came and spoke to the students of New Ventures Charter School. The former MLB slugger spoke at length about his career in baseball, his lifelong struggle with addiction, and how he overcame his challenges and hardship.

“Leaders don’t follow people. Leaders follow a purpose” he advised, the students of New Ventures. His message echoes the guiding philosophy of New Ventures, of overcoming barriers and fulfilling dreams.

Strawberry, who famously battled cancer and addiction, spread a message of perseverance and hard work.

During his speech, he said “If I can stand here and go through what I have, you can too. You never know if you quit. If I had quit and gave up, I would have missed the miracle inside of me. If you fight through things, you become an overcomer. You can achieve more than you ever can ever imagine

Darryl Strawberry’s speeches received by not only the students of New Ventures but also their NV families, faculty, and staff. All of whom were moved by his powerful message: “Your destiny is great. Just because you might have had setbacks that don’t stop you from getting to where you want. Adversity is a part of it. It’s a part of life.”

Darryl Strawberry’s story could be found in his new book Don’t Give Up On Me: Shining a Light on Addiction.