Meet Our September Teacher and Teacher Assistant of the Month

New Ventures September Teacher of the Month


We at Integration Charter Schools are beyond proud and honored to present our September Teachers and Teacher Assistants of the month. September 2018 was definitely a busy month for all. Yet, these individuals powered through our first month of the school year with success. Jumping from one hurdle to the next, these educators definitely took the ICS core values to heart and beyond.

The talent and dedication of the New Ventures teaching staff is beyond exceptional. New Ventures September Teacher of the month, Florence Strzebala, and September Teacher Assistant of the month, Dana Affatigato,  represent the ICS values with great distinction. Strzebala, who has been a member of the ICS family for three years, said “What I love most about working for ICS stems down to the culture that we all have adopted. ICS is supportive, understanding, trustworthy, and most importantly we are a family! My favorite part about being a teacher is being able to reach my students on an inspirational level, touching their hearts and minds. Hearing my children laugh, watching my children learn, and seeing them smile while having fun within their learning environment is definitely one of the many benefits to being a teacher!”.

New Ventures September Teacher of the Month

Dana Affatigato, New Ventures September teacher assistant of the month expressed “I am extremely honored and thankful for receiving this recognition. I have a passion for the job that I do and it means so much to me to see that my work does not go unnoticed. I feel as if working for ICS has helped me grow both professionally and personally since I have started. It is so important to me to be able to work in such a welcoming environment and with people who are so caring and passionate about what they do.”

New Ventures September Teacher Assistant of the Month