Spotlight On NVCS’ Internship Program

Veterinarian interns


New Ventures’ “Partnering with Staten Island Internship Program” was born from the notion that hands on, experiential learning is often the best type of learning, and that making meaningful connections within a student’s community is invaluable.

In that spirit, during the Fall, Winter and Spring semesters, all students spend one day per week participating in the Internship Program.

All students will participate in a career-oriented internship, selected on the basis of their credit needs and future goals. As a prerequisite to internship placement, students are required to complete a Summer Boot Camp course. This unique component of the NVCS design is a 5-week experience, laying the groundwork for future success.

Through this Boot Camp, students acquire and practice critical knowledge in areas such as communication skills, “dressing for success” and resume building. Each student completes the program better prepared to thrive in their internship placement, charting a course towards their graduation.

Student interns work on Fridays instead of attending a traditional school day, and rotate their placement every 12 weeks throughout the academic year.

New Ventures is consistently seeking out new opportunities for our students throughout the community. If interested in becoming an internship host through your local business or profession, you can have the unique opportunity to provide students with invaluable opportunities to¬†experience the “real world” while also offering mentoring, advice and encouragement.

With your support, our students can be exposed to a wide variety of career options and will graduate high school while having had the opportunity to develop workplace skills that are imperative for future success.

*For more information on the internship program, please contact Principal Ron Gorsky at, or Assistant Principal Ryan Melis at*