Florence Strzebala, NYC Department of Education Charter School Hero

Congratulations to our very own Florence Strzebala, who was recently selected to be featured as this week’s Charter School Hero by the New York City Department of Education! Holding several positions within New Ventures Charter School, including Director of Special Education, Instructional Coach, and ELA Teacher, Florence has been nominated by Assistant Principal Amelia DePompo for her exemplary leadership. 

What makes this individual a hero?

Her positivity, warmth, and compassion during the pandemic has been a major contributor to the success of our school and students. Florence is known in the halls of New Ventures as the “walking hug”. Her bright personality and loving demeanor allows her to work with students, especially those with disabilities, supports and encourages transfer students to earn their high school diploma. Florence focuses on the individual needs of all her students and works hard to ensure they are supported not only academically, but social-emotionally as well.

One example of this individual’s heroic actions within the school community.

Florence is currently working with one student in particular who is challenged with showing emotion in appropriate behaviors and responses. Her approach with this student is patient, kind, and firm. She is able to calm the student by validating her feelings, talk her through the process of her actions, and works with her on strategies to express herself in more acceptable forms. Florence regularly communicates with the student’s mother to keep her informed of her progress and goes above and beyond with this student and others to ensure staff are aware and utilizing the best strategies to work with the student in her current setting.

What else should the NYC charter school community know about this hero?

Florence is a mother, wife, and friend to all. She cares about all of the people in her life and exudes such positive energy. Her passion for working with students continues to grow and is evident in her daily conversations with them and other staff members. She is a true asset to the education system with a beautiful soul.

We are so proud of Florence for recieving this honor. Thank you for all that you do within our school community!