New Ventures Hosts 4th Annual Internship Breakfast

On Friday, May 24th, New Ventures hosted the 4th annual Internship Breakfast honoring student interns as well as internship hosts.

After warm welcoming remarks from ICS President Dr. Ken Byalin, Principal Ryan Melis spoke about New Ventures’ incredible achievements thus far, with a focus on the growth and impact of the unique internship program.

Melis proudly exclaimed, that of the 56 city transfer schools, New Ventures ranks first for attendance rate, and second for graduation rate, at 87% — outperforming the New York State average. He explained how proud he is that NV students have the “opportunity to excel in fields they never thought,” through meaningful partnerships via hands-on internships.

New Ventures currently has partnerships with 69 local businesses and organizations.

Guest speaker Anthony Reinhart, of New York State Senator Andrew J. Lanza’s office spoke so highly of his experience with interns, including his experience mentoring NV intern Emma Compoccia, who then gave a moving speech.

“Before I began attending New Ventures, I was not only failing all of my classes while simultaneously despising public high school, but I was also struggling with mental health issues as I was trying to love myself and form my own identity,” she began.

Through personal growth and the unique educational experience NV provided her, Compoccia began to flourish — especially while working in the senator’s office.

“Before I began my internship at Senator Lanza’s office, I had never had a real job before and struggled with laziness and feelings of inadequacy, which discouraged me from trying new things or putting myself out there,” she said.

“Now I can say with pride that I successfully carried out day to day tasks efficiently and interacted professionally with every person I’ve come across during my time at this internship. Not only do I now have job experience, which is very crucial to my future, but I also have a newfound belief in myself and my abilities.”

Student Gwen Gee also spoke about her positive and personal experience while interning at The Brielle at Seaview.

“The Brielle gives me the experience of a desk job along with working within a community.  This is what I love the most about this internship; I am able to connect with people! When I’m at the Brielle, I learn something new each day,” she said.

New Ventures interns who also received awards are Jessica Caruso, Justina Catalano, Leeah Clark, Melodie Hernandez, Mayra Jimenez, and Israel Munoz.

New Ventures is incredibly grateful for the businesses and organizations that provide these incredible opportunities to our students.

If you are interested in becoming a community partner, please contact Samantha DeLuca at